Photographs and Videos

 In this segment of It’s The Law Y’all, attorney Milena Christopher discussphotography and model releases in Texas. 

So, you have created a new website with pictures you snapped or video shot yourself.  The site, or pamphlet, brochure or any other publication, looks pretty and you are proud of it.  But wait a minute, did you get the releases necessary to allow you to use those photographs or videos?  Today I discuss various laws concerning Photographs and Videos for Dripping Springs residents in Hays County and the rest of Texas.

Sexual Harassment – Part 1

 In this two part It’s The Law Y’all, attorney Milena Christopher discusses sexual harrassment in Texas.  Part 1 of 2. 

Unfortunately, even with all the training and press covereage of the last three decades, sexual harassment has is still a very real issue in today’s workplaces.  Today I begin a discussion of Sexual Harrassment (part 1) for Dripping Springs and other Hays County residents in Texas.

Social Networking

 Today lawyer Milena Christopher discusses the legal aspects of Social Networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter and others.

Almost everyone has heard of Face Book – but few realize that sites like Face Book have become a significant resource for hiring managers and even attorneys and prosecutors.   Today I discuss Social Networking Sites and hope to help you realize the importance of using them very conservatively.

Texas Wills – Part 1

 In this two part It’s The Law Y’all, attorney Milena Christopher discusses wills in Texas for Dripping Springs residents.  Part 1 of 2. 

It a shame that so many people fail to plan for their own death, like taxes, death  is one of the few things that are guaranteed to happen life.  Today I begin the discussion your Wills in Texas (part 1)!